What does your business need to grow? As a master planned business park, flexibility has been built-in allowing you to develop exactly what you need...

One of the benefits of Titanium Park is that lot boundaries are flexible. Accordingly lot sizes can be customised to meet occupants’ needs. With defined precincts within Titanium Park and areas with specific attributes:


Accessed via the internal road network, buildings on these lots have the opportunity for additional highway exposure;


Runway views and future potential for
apron and runway access.

Gateway exposure

Located on the main access routes within Titanium Park, these buildings will have the highest exposure to internal traffic, including terminal staff and visitors.

The need for flexibility has been an underlying driver through the design and planning of Titanium Park. This is reflected in the zoning of Titanium Park, the large scale master planning approach and tenure options.

Zoned for flexibility

Titanium Park is in the Waipa District Council zone, with land use and subdivision controlled in accordance with the Waipa District Plan. The development has a site-specific zoning, ‘Airport Business’.

The Airport Business Zone allows a wide range of industrial, manufacturing, business, convenience retail, accommodation and support activities as permitted activities. Provided that all standards are complied with, a resource consenting process is not required.

Flexible lot sizes

From 1,500sqm to up to 10ha depending on your business needs and allowing for future growth.

Range of lot types

Highway exposure, efficient freight movements, or easy access to airport facilities, there’s something for all business-types at Titanium Park.

Tenure options

Whether you prefer to purchase freehold, leasehold, or to design, build and lease back - talk to us and we will make it happen.

Resource Consent

Titanium Park is zoned for business allowing you to fast track your consent process with no development contributions and in most instances, only a building consent required.

There is also the option of our team helping you with the design process. And best of all Titanium Park is not bound by residential limitations on noise and hours of operation, so you can operate your business 24/7 if you choose to.

Airport Business Zone benefits:
  • 24 hour operations are permitted, provided that noise standards are complied with.
  • Generous building bulk and location standards, including a permitted height of up to 20 metres, 3 metre minimum front yards and zero building setback from internal side boundaries in most cases. Note that in many cases the Titanium Park Design Guidelines set higher standards than this to achieve more appealing streetscapes and design and protect occupiers investment within the Park.
  • Retail shops, up to 450sqm in floor area and in predetermined locations, are permitted. A superette up to 1,000sqm is also a permitted use, with a total permitted retail floorspace of 5,300sqm across Titanium Park.

No development contributions for Council provided infrastructure is required. This includes Council provided roading, water supply, wastewater disposal or reserves. 

  • No traffic impact assessments are needed provided the rules are complied with. 
  • There are very few restrictions on signs related to activities on the site if they are oriented towards the internal roads that site access is from.
  • Long term access locations from the State Highways and Raynes Rd are predetermined and agreed with the road controlling authorities meaning there is certainty about long term access arrangements. 
  • The Titanium Park layout is included in the District Plan in the form of a Structure Plan, providing certainty about the form of the development.
  • Resource consent applications for non-compliance with the development standards are generally for restricted discretionary activities. This means there are fewer issues to be considered by the Council and there is an opportunity for them to be classed as non-notified applications.