Enduring Quality

Titanium Park is a master planned business park designed with enduring quality in mind.

Covenants and design guidelines have been developed to protect your investment, by setting standards and maintaining quality on a lot-by-lot basis.

Titanium Park Management will apply these high standards at a park-wide level through streetscapes, landscaping and good design. In particular these mechanisms will address:

  • Landscaped areas;
  • Footpaths and edges;
  • Entrance gateways;
  • Signage;
  • Design Guidelines to preserve standards of design and finishes;
  • Site stormwater flow paths and swales; and
  • Infrastructure maintenance.

A quality address

Place branding also contributes to the quality of place and address. With a single developer and overall master plan Titanium Park will benefit from “whole of site” marketing and branding.

Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines have been prepared for each precinct at Titanium Park setting out standards and desired objectives including in relation to:

  • Building setbacks, primarily on internal road edges and lot boundaries, where the building form can impact on the public and private domain;
  • Building height, bulk and scale of buildings, particularly to avoid excessive bulk or overshadowing; and
  • Landscaping zones to produce a predominantly “green environment” in which business and recreational activities can flourish.

Design Guidelines attach to the property’s title and allow for a Design Review Committee to review and approve the architectural design, landscaping and built form within the development.

Construction management guidelines

Development within Titanium Park must also be in accordance with the Construction Management Guidelines, ensuring consistency of construction protocols within the development.

For example, the Construction Management Guidelines will cover health and safety management, allowing for continued accessibility throughout construction, consideration of other users, and environmental management.

Design Review Process