Central Precinct
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Featuring both airside and highway frontage lots, the Central Precinct contains the “spine road” which connects the terminal with the entrance gateway to State Highway 21.

The airside lots offer potential for airport related industries with possible access to airside operations. Commercial uses benefit from the high visibility roadside lots with exposure to the State Highway and spine road.

Building separation allows for maximum sunlight penetration and creates view corridors into the Precinct and to runway operations.

Wide building setbacks on either side of the spine road (14.5 metres) are intended to deliver a generous landscaped streetscape and emphasise the role of the spine road as the interface between the Terminal and Gateway precincts and the national road system. They also create a more appealing streetscape.




Dion Merson

Hamilton Airport

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Lot sizes from 2.200m2 upwards


Onsite substation fed from two supply sources with 100% redundancy


A fibre optic network solution in place.


Easy state highway connections locally and nationally


Council reticulated, mains pressure potable water

Hamilton Airport:

The second busiest certificated airport for flight movements in New Zealand. With a catchment of around 420,000 people, Hamilton Airport boasts the fourth longest commercial runway in the country and provides travellers with a gateway to the central North Island.